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IHTC Course

Exercise therapy is accepted in human therapeutic as one of the most efficient therapy. Exercise therapy exists in equine; it is the Science of Motion®. Many talk about therapy in motion but are not valid because the fundamental problem is that to be effective, exercise therapy demands to adjust riding and training techniques to actual knowledge. Half-pass executed through traditional equitation will not rehabilitate a horse form the sacroiliac problem. Viewed from the Science of Motion® approach, the coordination of the horse’s physique allowing the horse to benefit from the move, half-pass develops and coordinates the muscular system of the horse’s thoracic spine and consequent flexion of the thoracolumbar spine. In many instances, Sacroiliac strain originates from dysfunction of the horse thoracolumbar spine. While the conventional approach focuses on the lesion, the Science of Motion® approach corrects the source of the kinematics abnormality stressing the joint.

The online horse training course is actually the experience of applying the knowledge from the studies in real life. The course supports the student in their application of the studies through the forum where direct access to JLC and his students are given for the purpose of answering questions and evaluating the applied work through videos posted.

Therapy in motion is not a complement to static therapies; it is the next generation of therapy/ It has to be done in motion as muscles tendons, fascia, do not work under the principle of release and relaxation but instead nuances in tone. It is a response to forces and forces are internal, limbs actions and external, gravity, inertia, and movements, including riders. Motion is also necessary at the level of the nervous system. Motion therapy is the next step. JLC

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