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IHTC-The In Hand Therapy Course

The In Hand Therapy Course
A zest of classicism and a large body of science.

Jean Luc Cornille

A one year course of Corrective Biomechanics In Hand Therapy Course (IHTC) is designed for therapists anxious to further their knowledge as well as riders/trainers interested in extending their ability to reeducate horses and prevent injuries. IHTC provides both, knowledge and the practical application of knowledge.

Three monthly studies, – “In Hand Technique” – “Equine biomechanics and corrective biomechanics” – “Case study”

-The In Hand Technique is the zest of classicism. The technique is inspired from General Decarpentry’s Academic Equitation and updated to actual knowledge of the equine physiology.

-This specific in hand technique allows accessing and influencing the horse’s vertebral column mechanism. (Most limbs kinematics abnormalities originate from improper functioning of the horse’s thoracolumbar spine).

-Monthly instructive videos teach first the basic and then, the many subtleties of the technique. (It does not take long to teach the basics, however, there is a lot more to this technique than walking next to the horse performing some movements. The in hand education focuses on achieving sophisticated control of the horse’s vertebral column mechanism.)

The continuing education series (biomechanics) explains,
– How the horse’s physique is designed to work, (functional horse).
– Kinematics abnormalities leading to injuries
– Kinematics abnormalities created by training misconceptions.

For instance, the first study explains and demonstrates the hind and front limbs braking and propulsive activities, how they can be modified and enhanced. The next study focuses on the management and forward transmission of the thrust generated by the hind legs forward through the vertebral column, etc.

The case studies are not necessarily about in hand work. Their purpose is to demonstrate analytic and thought processes leading to the source of the kinematics abnormality causing injury. No successful therapy can be completed without addressing the root of the problem. However, it is not always easy to identify the source of the kinematic abnormalities.

-IHTC is a twelve month program sanctioned at the end by a certificate of completion.

-The monthly timeframe selected for this course, allows time to gradually master the technique. The in hand technique is sophisticated and demands practice.

-The course can be started anytime. The twelve month course starts at the date of purchase. The three monthly studies, “In hand Education”, “Biomechanics and Corrective Biomechanics”, and “Case Studies”, follows a progressive order of difficulty.

-Monthly studies are DVDs (shipped via UPS)and/or PDF files (downloaded on computer).

-The course provides information that cannot be found anywhere else. Some of the videos and documents are exclusive to the IHTC.

-IHTC’s students have a 30% reduction for the Immersiom weekends scheduled during the time of the course and all of the Science of Motion’s publications that are not included in the IHTC.

Fees and conditions.

Single annual payment, $1600.00
Monthly payment, $175.00 per month. (Annual cost $2100.00)
Visit our web for payment or to subscribe.HERE

Fees includes UPS shipments.
Studies are mailed on a monthly basis starting one week after payment.
Payments can be made through PayPal,
or by check to Jean Luc Cornille. 2772 Lenora road,
Snellville 30039
The first package will come with the DVD “One Hand on his Shoulder”. (Or any other video of your choice if you already have One Hand On His Shoulder)

If you have any question, please contact Helyn,
Tel, 941 539 6207

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