About Equine Biomechanics

About Equine Biomechanics

I became a member of the prestigious “Cadre Noir de Saumur” and thanks to the support of the school and the talent of many wonderful horses I became “successful” in three-day eventing which was at this time, my first love. I also had individual success in stadium jumping, dressage, and steeplechase. I won repeatedly in the greatest international competitions in Europe, collecting several individuals and team gold, silver and bronze medals. Some of the greatest performances were the World championship at Punchestown in Ireland, Burghley in England, Fontainebleau in France, Bokelo in Deutchland, etc. However, I have always felt that my horses, as well as the horses I was in competition with, were performing due to their talent but below their real potential. I began to realize that a high concentration of talented horses and riders have been poorly supported by a superficial education. This remains the case today. Jean Luc Cornille



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