Conversation about potential problems on body awareness techniques. Jean Luc observations:

25 Feb

Everybody says that it is because other training techniques are wrong. My observation is not related to any specific approach. If it was not an issue, I would not even address it as it is a subject of high emotions. The fact is that it is an issue. Many of these approaches are good for their purpose, the problems start when they enter the dynamic relation between the horse and the rider. Harmonic tensegrity is a dynamic interaction between the horse and the rider. The video of half pass with the numerous arrows illustrating the forces interacting between the horse and the rider is made to make riders understand that it is too fast for feedback correction. There is a tone that the rider has to find, very light and fitting the horse. It is harmonic tensegrity. Most often the rider just maintains the tone and the horse feels it and realign himself with the rider. It is dynamic and mutual responses. Harmonic tensegrity is different from each horse and even evolves with the same horse. During the last two strides of the video. When Chazot orchestrates his physique efficiently the duration, frequency and intensity of the forces interacting between us were different than during the previous strides where he worked to find efficiency. Lightness is not the bit. Lightness is the result of absolute coordination between the horse and the rider where the interaction of forces occurs at a very subtle level. JLC.


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